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Tollgate Trailfinders

Snowmobiling in the Tollgate Area

President:  Steven Harvill

Secretary:  Shari Mueller

Treasurer:  Tammy Christensen


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International Snowmobile Safety Week
January 13-21, 2024

2023-2024 Oregon State Snowmobile Association (OSSA) Convention, La Pine, Oregon
January 23-27, 2024

Take A Friend Snowmobiling Week
February 10-19, 2024



On the mountain today to check condictions at the grooming shed. There is a foot of snow at the shed with a hard crust that you can walk on. Temperature was 33 degrees at 11am with drizzle coming down. We still need more snow to get started grooming , 18 inches minimum. Start doing your snow dance as the forcast for the next 7 days doesnt look good for new snow. Warm temps and rain snow mix is the forcast.

Think Snow

Jess Thompson TTF Grooming Chairman


Up on mountain yesterday to check conditions and the shed. No new snow and still only about 10 to 12 inches of snow on the snow pole. It was 42 degrees and sunshine, spring like conditions. Today looking at ODOT tripcheck cameras it's still warm 37 degrees with a little new snow. The forecast still is not good for much new snow or cold temps this next week. I saw lots of side by sides going by the shed yesterday so be careful on the trails. Have a safe New Years Eve.

Happy New Year

Jess Thompson TTF Grooming Chairman


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