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Safety Program

Are you new to snowmobiling? Do you want to learn how to ride safely? Do you want your kids under age 16 to be able to ride legally?

Oregon Snowmobile law says:
ORS 821.150 drivers license or permit required. Class D fine up to $250

We can certify kids 16 and under without a driver's license.

Safety Program

Below is a list of current state approved snowmobile safety trainers.  Please contact your local trainer to get your kids 16 or younger without a drivers license trained and obtain their snowmobile safety certificate now.

NAME                      LOCATION               PHONE                               EMAIL

TJ Reilly     Portland       503-804-2075

Brent Younker Boring  Or     503-695-2911

Randy James   Enterprise     541-426-3854

Dennis Jordan  Eagle Point   541-826-6326

Lyle Klenski   John Day      541-620-1324

David Miller   Klamath Falls 541-884-2423

Glenn Shirek   Roseburg      541-673-3787

John Vogel    Hood River    541-490-8114

Maria Sammons  Salem   503-569-5552

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