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Oregon State Snowmobile Association

OSSA Membership

We encourage everyone to join their local snowmobile club.

You can be a member of OSSA without joining a local club. However, please consider joining the clubs where you ride in Oregon. These clubs groom and maintain the trails that you enjoy riding on.

Reasons to support OSSA...

*  Cooperative enjoyment in club activities, rides and play days.
*   Assistance through club membership in formalizing legislation for snowmobiles.
*   Learning new areas to ride and familiarity with areas through joint rides.
*   Strength in state organization through local club organization and input.
*   Opportunity to gain knowledge of snowmobiling through club meetings speakers.
*   Obtaining a feeling of “Belonging” of common bond experience.
*   Meet new people and make new friends.
*   Promote and understand safe snowmobiling.
*   To protect and preserve the rights and freedoms to enjoy the sport of snowmobiling.
*   To help preserve and promote our natural resources.
*   Assist in search and rescue missions.
*   The ability to enjoy snowmobiling activities as a family and at a price reasonable for doing so.
*   Helping provide a trail groomer.
*   Helping to discourage bad snowmobiling practices.
*   Assistance in formulating and conducting youth driver education clinics.
*   Promote sanitation and non-littering in all areas used for snowmobiling.
*   Serve as a catalyst in service to state and federal agencies in providing new snowmobiling trails
and parking facilities.
*   Calendar of events for yearly activities.
*   Club membership brings recognition to the member from both state and federal agencies and prestige in that recognition.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect and enhance the sport of snowmobiling.  We work closely with the Forest Service and BLM to keep areas open, resolve conflicts, and to provide the quality snowmobiling the Oregon is famous for.  We work with local, state, and federal legislators to protect the rights of all snowmobilers.  We fight any damaging legislation, and we support legislation that helps our sport.  We coordinate with industry, national and international snowmobile groups to share knowledge, provide mutual support, and protect the sport we all love so dearly.

***** Snowmobilers leave no trace. *****

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