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Oregon State Snowmobile Association Membership

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We highly encourage everyone to join and support your local club which automatically includes an OSSA membership.

If you live out of state or for any other reason are unable to join a local club you are welcome to become an OSSA only member.

Thank you for your support!

Who are we?

The Oregon State Snowmobile Association is a non-profit organization formed in 1972 by a small group of snowmobilers working to find a way to provide a groomed statewide trail system and to assure continued access to our public lands. We are currently an organization with twenty-five member clubs and a trail system of 6,410 miles of multi-use snowmobile trails.  We promote safe and responsible snowmobiling, represent snowmobilers as an organized group and promote proper recreational use of our land by working together with the Forest Service, BLM and other land managers to develop and maintain a quality trail system and winter recreation opportunities.  Our mission, briefly stated, is to protect, promote and enhance the family sport of snowmobiling.

OSSA manages the snowmobile trail grooming program throughout the state by purchasing equipment to meet our needs and providing guidance, oversight, and an operating budget for our associated snowmobile grooming clubs.  Snow grooming equipment is placed in the care of the OSSA clubs and club volunteers groom and maintain an average of 32,500 miles of trail grooming per year. More than 30,000 hours of volunteer labor is donated annually in trail clearing, trail maintenance, trail signing and cutting and stocking wood in snow shelters.

OSSA club members are involved in several other activities as well.  Our safety instructors provide free safety certification classes to all ages.  Many club members assist in search and rescue operations and our snow cats are available if necessary, for this purpose.  Our club members provide financial assistance through fund raisers to various charities and organizations providing for those less fortunate.  The OSSA charities of choice are the Wounded Warrior project and the Candlelighters (a support organization for the families of children with cancer).  Some of our clubs provide a day of snowmobiling for Wounded Warrior veterans and many other clubs raise significant funds and/or provide family play days on the snow with a hot meal for the children with cancer and their families.  Summer activities may include a summer picnic or BBQ. Many clubs choose a local charity such as Christmas baskets or food banks.  We encourage all our clubs to participate in charitable activities.

One OSSA priority is safety on the snow.  To help achieve this goal we have a co-op law enforcement program whereby we contribute to nine county sheriff’s departments to assist in a snow patrol program.  These deputies are out there on the snow to promote safety, to assist you in any way they can and to help assure all sleds are registered. Please stop and introduce yourself if you meet them out there on the snow and consider riding along with them for a while.

OSSA is a member of the American Council of snowmobile Associations, ACSA.  ACSA is a national organization headquartered in Michigan and formed to unite the snowmobile community.  The ACSA board consists of the presidents of its member state associations.  ACSA keeps us apprised of legislative issues on a national level and assists snowmobile clubs across America to provide a communication link to work with federal government entities and diversified coalitions to provide equitable treatment of snowmobiling needs to keep our sport a successful family recreation. ACSA organizes the annual “Fly-in” to Washington, D.C., providing the opportunity for each of us to meet with our congressional representatives.  To support ACSA as an individual go to

It is important to note that the snowmobile trail system in Oregon is more than 95% on Forest Service land.  These trails, groomed and maintained by volunteer OSSA snowmobilers, are open to all winter recreationists unless specifically prohibited by the land manager.  While snowmobilers are willing to share the snow shelters and snowmobile trail systems with others, we do not want to be locked out.  We continue to work for equal access for all.  We appreciate your support.


Our mission is to protect and enhance the sport of snowmobiling.  We work closely with the Forest Service and BLM to keep areas open, resolve conflicts, and to provide the quality snowmobiling the Oregon is famous for.  We work with local, state, and federal legislators to protect the rights of all snowmobilers.  We fight any damaging legislation, and we support legislation that helps our sport.  We coordinate with industry, national and international snowmobile groups to share knowledge, provide mutual support, and protect the sport we all love so dearly.




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