Safety Tips

What to Take

1. Take a winter first aid kit
2. Take matches and a fire starter in a waterproof container
3. Take extra food and water
4. Take extra clothing, including a wool or synthetic sweater, gloves, and a rain shell.
5. Take a plastic whistle
6. Take a map and compass and, if possible, a GPS reciever
7. Take a flashlight with extra batteries and bulb
8. Take an emergency reflective rescue blanket
9. Take a pocket knife
10. Take an avalanche cord or transceiver and breakdown probes when in avalanche country
11. Take a mobile phone or radio transceiver for back country emergency communication

What To Know

* How to stay calm in an emergency
* How to do basic maintenance and adjustments of your equipment, particularly snowmobiles
* When to use good judgment to avoid risks and hazards
* Where you are at all times

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