Building Fires

TINDER - Anything that will flame from a spark, i.e., newspaper, kleenex, inner shredded bark from a tree, fibers from a bird nest, dried grass, fine wood shavings, etc. All tinder must be DRY. The dead pine needles from a fir tree work well to place on top of the tinder as they catch fire quickly.

KINDLING - Small sticks used to feed the flames from the tinder, from match stick size to the size of your finger. Use kindling until you get a bed of coals before you start adding larger or wet fuel. Soft woods such as aspen will burn fast to get a good bed of coals.

FUEL - Larger sticks which take longer to burn through. Hardwoods such as oak will burn the longest and give more heat than softwoods, however, any fuel will do. With a good bed of coals, wet fuel can be dried enough to catch fire.

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