Surviving in the Snow

Winter time is very beautiful and serene, but can change into a life threatening experience for those not prepared for the extremes mother nature can provide, not to mention a broken down machine or lost sledder. The information here will help you survive these conditions.

If you become lost, stuck, broke down, DON’T PANIC. Always keep calm, use your head, you have the knowledge and equipment to survive. If you left home with the right clothing and equipment this could become just a spur-of-the-moment camp out. All decisions should be based on several factors such as your current location, weather conditions, time of day, health of everyone in your group, availability of wood and shelter, and snow conditions. Your mind is your greatest asset, be creative and resourceful.

Try to stay with your snowmobiles if at all possible, otherwise go to the nearest sheltered area with a good supply of wood. Try not to travel to far in the deep snow before making camp as you may find yourself too exhausted to make a fire and shelter. Use your snowmobile tracks to walk on as much as possible. If you find yourself riding in a blizzard or white out conditions where visibility is less than 50 yards, find shelter in the nearest group of trees and wait for visibility to improve before continuing. Fire and shelter are two elements necessary to increase your chances of survival, stay dry and keep out of the wind.

Another thing I would suggest is to practice whenever possible building small camp fires out in the snow, using only natural surroundings such as small twigs, and things you could only find out in nature. Of course you can use your waterproof matches. Practice is the key, once you master building survival fires in the snow your chances of survival out there are greater.

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