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Coming Events

We invite you to participate in the International Snowmobile Safety Week, being held January 16-24, 2016. Many local clubs and snowmobile associations take this time to teach snowmobilers about safe riding and many dealerships help by putting on seminars teaching customers how to maintain their sleds and keep them running in top condition. Visit and download a Safety Week Campaign Action Manual with ideas on how to promote safety week and ideas for putting on safety week events.  Check it out!

The Go Snowmobiling campaign is expanding as more people check out the web site for information on how to get started in snowmobiling.  It’s a great information source for all snowmobilers, with many links to other snowmobile related web sites.  We encourage you to check out the site!  Part of Go Snowmobiling is the TAKE A FRIEND SNOWMOBILING campaign.  You may want to join in – and ask some friends, some motorcyclists, or ATVers to go snowmobiling.  Many have tried snowmobiling for the first time with the experience resulting in the purchase of a new or used snowmobile – all because somebody asked them to come along and try out our winter recreation of choice. 

The 8th annual TAKE A FRIEND SNOWMOBILING week is scheduled for February 5-15, 2016. Grow your organization by partnering with local businesses and chambers of commerce to encourage our non-snowmobiling friends to join us for a time of fun.  For more information and ideas on throwing a TAKE A FRIEND SNOWMOBILING event, visit Our Campaign Guide contains many great ideas!

Thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you.  If you have any questions or need any additional information, please visit our other web site at  You can send us an e-mail message, check out our latest press releases, or familiarize yourself with the various links to our site.  We encourage you to "like” our Facebook page.  We are expanding our social networking and hope you join in and grow with us.  WE can be found at:

Start your snow dance soon AND let us know what Safe Riders! materials you need for this season.

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