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Current News
3 weeks ago, Feb 08 at 2:10pm
Plan to Take a Vacation Snowmobiling!
I recently attended a Tourism planning event and learned that Americans love to take vacations and they say vacations are important to them – and yet more than 54% of all United States employees with vacation time leave a considerable amount of their vacation time unused! More

Jan 12 at 10:21am
Many areas of the United States have been blessed with snow and many of us have had the opportunity to get out and ride -- or are busy making plans.

It is a good time to send reminders......for safety and access. More

Jan 05 at 12:19pm
2018 Fee Free Days on Federal Public Lands
We wanted to give you a reminder about the 2018 fee free days offered for recreation sites under the management of the National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service. More

Nov 29 at 10:41am
Hand Signals; Courtesy or Requirement?
Last fall we talked about the use of hand signals when meeting oncoming
riders to indicate how many riders are coming behind you. This
is an unofficial practice in many riding areas, where riders will, as a
courtesy, indicate how many more sleds are coming. Knowing that you
have just met the lase rider in their group is always good information to
know. Pretty simple common sense. More

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