Current News

Current News
Mar 05 at 3:34pm
Taking People Snowmobiling and Meeting with other Outdoor Recreation Groups
HASLETT, MI, February 13, 2018: This has been another busy couple of months at the ISMA office. Snow has fallen, and the trails are groomed for great riding. We have taken numerous government officials out snowmobiling - introducing them to our great winter activity. More

Mar 05 at 3:33pm
Support snowmobiling and enter chance to win
Love snowmobiling? Love the chance to win monthly prizes? ACSA is once again publishing their raffle calendar which provides you the chance to win monthly prizes and support the year-long work of ACSA in promoting the rights of snowmobilers throughout the U.S. See your state representatives or visit our raffle calendar page to learn more! More

Feb 08 at 2:10pm
Plan to Take a Vacation Snowmobiling!
I recently attended a Tourism planning event and learned that Americans love to take vacations and they say vacations are important to them – and yet more than 54% of all United States employees with vacation time leave a considerable amount of their vacation time unused! More

Jan 12 at 10:21am
Many areas of the United States have been blessed with snow and many of us have had the opportunity to get out and ride -- or are busy making plans.

It is a good time to send reminders......for safety and access. More

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