What do I do if I'm Caought in an Avalanche

If you can’t escape, then you must swim with the avalanche, and swim hard as to not sink, Trying always to keep a space in front of you. This will allow you to breathe longer under the snow. Remember, once the snow stops it hardens quick, so you must try to keep an air space to breathe before it stops completely, and if you can, before the snow stops, try pushing your hand up and out of the snow. Your chances for survival are much improved when having a little knowledge.
There are many things you can do to insure a safe trip. Always be prepared for any situation. Never go out alone, always let someone at home know where your going and when you expect to return. Wear proper clothing, along with food, water, first aid kit, survival gear in case you find yourself having to spend the night. Always make sure your machine is in good running order before you leave. If you will be travelling in avalanche prone areas, it is a good idea to have such gear as an avalanche probe, shovel, and an avalanche beacon. If you take a little precaution, A great snowmobiling trip awaits you.
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